shortsWhat not to say to your teenager

“It’s just puppy fat. Anyway you have a very nice face.”
“I don’t like your new boyfriend.”
“I like your new boyfriend.”
“Of course I love you unconditionally but…”
“Spots, blackheads and pimples don’t matter. It’s what’s inside that counts.”

What not to say to your parents

“Mum do you think you should have another glass of wine? It’s not good for the complexion you know.”
“Of course you’re not too old for that outfit, but maybe… um… it’s a bit too young for you.”
“I bet you were really nice looking when you were young.”
“Well yes you have put a bit of weight on but at your age it hardly matters does it.”
“No, I haven’t slept with my boyfriend. We were too busy having sex.”