I’m Cat – and I’m the fat plain one in my family. When I say fat I don’t mean “have-to-be-prised-out-of-a-hoola-hoop” fat, but when your mum and sister are practically size zero, it’s hard not to feel like elephant girl in comparison.

My twin sister Tessa is blonde, gorgeous and gets every boy she wants. Right now she’s got her eye on Josh, a really fit American guy who’s just moved to Glasgow. But he doesn’t seem that interested in her. It’s weird! I’ve never known any boy who didn’t fancy Tessa. Well, not straight ones anyway …

Of course! it all makes sense … funny that he doesn’t want to tell anyone about his secret, not even me his new best friend …

Could Cat be jumping to conclusions about Josh?

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***** “This book is a true romantic comedy, possibly the best I’ve ever read”

“Need more UK books!!! After reading Jumping to Confusions, I’m questioning my previous belief that American books were superior. This book is a true romantic comedy, possibly the best I’ve ever read, and that’s high praise. It makes all those Simon Pulse romantic comedys with the lifeless characters look like trash in comparison. The only Simon Pulse comedy I enjoyed was The Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols.

“I honestly don’t have a single bad thing to say about Jumping to Confusions. I feel that some reviewers are too picky; they’re almost looking for faults in books. Even though the plot may be a teeny bit predictable, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Not everything has to be astonishingly original.

“It was a gut-busting riot to read! There were so many uproarous situations, due to Cat always jumping to conclusions without logical evidence. I couldn’t get enough of the UK slang. It’s way better than American slang, except I have an aversion to the word snogging (kissing). It’s too similar to snotting. I say “Fancy” all the time, and I am going to start saying keen instead of like:) “I’m dead keen on him” sounds so much cooler than “I like him.” It was interesting seeing Americans from the UK perspective. I have to agree with them, (not to be unpatriotic), but Americans are extremely ethnocentric.

“The plot was exciting and never dull. I can’t get enough of this author! She’s the UK equivalent of Jody Gerhman. It’s such a satisfying romance. I’m jealous of Cat, being the love interest of Josh, that’s how much I liked his character. He was so cute, nice, and didn’t fall for her sisters’ good looks. This book highly exceeded my expectations and I would reccomend it to anyone in a gloomy mood because it will surely cheer you up. Once started, you won’t be able to put it down!”
(GoodReads.com) or (“Addicted to Books” blog)

“Read this if you need a confidence boost”

“Cat’s self esteem is not what it could be. With a gorgeous twin to live up to, she feels dull and unattractive. That is until the irresistibly hot Josh comes on the scene. He’s just too good to be true, so he must be gay, right? Why else would be turn down her twin and spend so much time with her? Read this if you need a confidence boost.”

“Brilliant and very readable”

“The writing is brilliant and very readable… it’s like Sophie Kinsella for younger audiences.”
(Zoe Page, The Bookbag)

“A warmly funny novel with great characters”

“The novel is light, sweet and fast-paced…A warmly funny novel with great characters. Highly recommended for summer reading.”

“Laugh-out-loud book is perfect for any reader.”

“This laugh-out-loud book is perfect for any reader. With lovable characters and hilarious situations, this is a quick, light read- perfect for reading by the pool or on the beach. After reading this book, I’m definitely going to be looking for more by this author.”
(Book Divas)

“A really fun read!”

“This is a really fun read! It does what it says in the title really – everything is confused by everyone jumping to conclusions!
Cat is constantly overshadowed by her slim, blonde, gorgeous sister whilst Cat is dark-haired and shapely. With the combination of her mother focussing on Cat being overweight and her sister constantly saying that Cat “has a nice personalilty” (ie no looks) then Cat gives up looking for a boyfriend. It doesn’t matter anyway as she knows that Mr Brown, her gorgeous English Teacher is just waiting until she has left school before making a move. So in the meantime, she becomes close friends with Josh, the gorgeous American, and knows she is safe with him because he is gay. But nothing is as it seems and and emotions and tempers run high as the truth starts to become apparent!

“A fabulous light-hearted story for older teens. I will definitely be trying Liz Rettig’s other titles!”
(Sally Bailey, Waterstones, Chelmsford Meadow)

Readers’ reviews

***** “Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, July 12, 2008

I absolutely loved this book!!! I finished it the very same day I got it! I was so engrossed. Having read both of Liz Rettig’s other books which were both brilliant however this one is by far the best one yet!!! It is very funny and just in general a great book!!! I would definitely recommend this one!!! I hope she writes many more in the future and I’ll look forward to reading them!
(KimboST, play.com)

***** “…it was full of surprises and laughs until the very end”, July, 2008

“Jumping to Confusions was brilliant, it was full of surprises and laughs until the very end. I felt that I could really relate to Cat and the other characters. I’d definitely recommend Jumping to Confusions to all my friends.”
(Emma, WH Smith)

***** “Astonishingly brilliant, wonderfully fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!”, June 7, 2008

“After having read My Desperate Love Diary and My Now or Never Diary I had very high expectations of this book and was not disappointed! I could not keep my hands off this book! Brilliant, witty, and a true pleasure to read! Sheer genius.”
(V. Mantovani “Laura”, Amazon)

***** “A brilliant read!”, June 4, 2008

“I really liked the book Jumping to Confusions as it turns out differently than expected. Tessa and Cat are twin sisters but couldn’t be less alike. Tessa is blonde, slim and popular with the boys whereas Cat has brown hair and is more shapely. When an American boy comes to stay he is very much more interested in Cat than Tessa so Cat comes to the conclusion he is not into girls at all. Many things happen by people jumping to conclusions. This is a really good book and a real page turner. Another great book from this author.”
(Victoria Taylor, Amazon)

***** “A fantastic book!”, June 3, 2008

“‘Jumping to Confusions’ is the laugh-out-loud story of Cat, her gorgeous (non identical) twin sister Tessa and her friends. Cat is a teenage girl who often feels overshadowed by her more glamorous sister and spends a lot of time daydreaming – she is someone we can all easily identify with. An intelligent and sensitive teacher, the fit new boy at school and a height-obsessed friend are all caught up in a web of romantic confusion and misunderstandings that, in the end, show us that our first instincts are not always the right ones. Older teens will love this book, it’s a hilarious true to life insight into the mind of a very likeable teenage girl. Highly recommended!”
(Fiona Schmid, Amazon)

***** “Humorous, light-hearted, and brilliant”

“A tale of real life and love, confusion and mistakes, threaded together with brilliant writing from hilarious and talented author, Liz Rettig. Laugh, cry, cringe, this story has it all- the hopelessly head-over-heels in love Cat, her new best friend Josh; gorgeous, fit, and apparently gay, another love-seeking teen friend Lindsay- who always seems to find a way to end up in the wrong guy’s arms. With unpredictable turns and brilliant twists, Liz Rettig tells the hilarious story of Cat and her confusing, unexpected, winding path to love, with laughs and lessons the whole way. Humorous, light-hearted, and brilliant, ‘Jumping to Confusions’ is the beautiful tale of love, friendships, and misunderstandings, that can be read and re-read again, without losing any of the light, bubbly touch that Liz Rettig brings to something more than just another teen’s romance novel.”
(Elissa Parkin, e-mail)