My name is Liz Rettig and I am an author. Luckily I had an unhappy childhood, an angst ridden adolescence, and my adult years have been characterised by an almost unremitting catalogue of failures. The ideal background then to nurture an author’s talent.

I live in Glasgow with my husband and two children who have asked me to point out that none of the characters in my novels is remotely based on them.  Aye right!  And if you believe that you’ll believe anything. Glasgow is not a good place to live if, like me, you have fine curly hair which tends to frizz in the rain as it almost always at least drizzles here. There are good things about the place though. We Glaswegians console ourselves for our lousy weather by eating lots of junk food, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and smoking. If you are able to show restraint in any of these areas, for example you eat your Mars Bars without first deep frying them, then you can feel smug. If not, you’ll feel at home. My daughter tells me that Glasgow is also a great place for clubbing but I haven’t embarrassed her yet by investigating this.

Second only to my husband and son my favourite male is my agent Guy Rose who is worth his weight in gold. If you are a talented author who has just completed a sure fire bestseller and looking for an agent then please don’t contact him. It would only make me jealous. If however you are a publisher, TV producer or Hollywood film director who wishes to offer me a lucrative contract/option then please contact Guy Rose.

Any questions, comments or bitter complaints about this website or my books can be emailed to me.


my scorching summer diaryNOW AVAILABLE! – My latest book My Scorching Summer Diary.

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‘My Now or Never Diary’ Short Film

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