Q. Where do you get your ideas from?

A.Oh God. I’d better say ‘imagination’ in case I get into trouble but, erm, some of them are from real life experiences.  (Not the horribly embarrassing bits or the bits I could be sued for of course).  I will admit though to once putting a vinegar rinse on my hair and smelling like a fish and chip shop all day but that’s all. Well OK so I used to practise snogging myself in front of the mirror but who hasn’t?  Oh right, you’ve never even thought of doing such a daft thing and I’m a freak?  Well, I was only joking, of course.  Imagination, all of it.

Q.Do you have a favourite time and place to write?

A. No, I’m totally disorganised.  Anyway, most of the time I’m not actually writing, just thinking about it, and usually I’ll have worked out characters, plot or dialogue in my head before starting to type.  It’s kind of hard though to convince my husband that when I’m gazing dreamily out the window, I’m not doing nothing but actually working hard.  OK, some of the time I am doing nothing but other times I’m hard at work.  Honestly.

Q. What do you like best about being a writer?

A. Sneaking into book stores and turning my books face up on the shelves (instead of just having the spine showing) then dashing out again without being detected by the sales assistants.  I suspect some of them have got wise to me now though and return my books to their original, almost invisible, position as soon as I’m gone.  Spoilsports…

Q. What are you working on at the moment?

A. Maybe two more Kelly Ann books, both sequels to My Now or Never Diary.  This year I also hope to spend quality time with my family occasionally.  Ah here’s my youngest child now.  “Gosh son you’ve grown since I last noticed you.  Now go and make yourself dinner, Mum’s busy.”

Q. Advice to aspiring writers?

A. 1. Read a lot.  There may be good authors who haven’t but I’ve never heard of them.
2. Daydream a lot.  But not when crossing the road, sitting your maths exam, or trying to apply eyeliner in a thin accurate line very close to your lashes.
3. Write a lot.  Like most skills, writing well takes practice.
4. And finally don’t be put off by rejections.  They happen to all authors at times.  J.K. Rowling, for example, got rejections before being published and her books have been quite successful since, so I’ve heard.
Good luck!

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